• New Futures and Fortunes!

    Thousands of lives changed

    You will quickly speak with ease and move toward your goal!
    • Interpersonal, cross-cultural, and language training  for businesses
    • Fun, non-intimidating classes for adults & youth
    • Individual and small group classes given online
    • English, citizenship & computer classes taught bilingually to Spanish-speakers
    • Personalized tutoring
    • Custom programs by request
    Try it! For the cost of a movie per week for eight weeks, you’ll leave with a skill that can open doors and expand your opportunities!
    Share it! Home parties or group training, our teachers make it fun, engaging, and memorable.
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  • My promise to you

    “I was born and raised in Kansas NOT speaking Spanish. I learned it, like you can. I can use Spanish at any time and have built great relationships with it!  I know what it’s like to start. I promise that our team will make you glad, even after that very first class or session. You WILL speak Spanish!”

    Vendla SmithOwner